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Smile, Smile! 

I am not a very smiling person. It's just not within my DNA. As I was growing up, I kept hearing: Smile! Smile! People do not leave you alone if you don't smile. To deal with this issue, I made a smile. Yes, I did. I carry it sometimes with me too. 

Сулова, че кисляк на морде, ПМС чтоле? (с)


What's wrong with your face? Having PMS? (c) 

Дочь, улыбайся почаще. (с)


Daughter, you should smile more often. (c)

У всех уже дети, а ты засиделась. (с)


Everyone has a child already. What's wrong with you? (c)



Будь проще и парни к тебе потянутся. (с)


Be humble. You'll get more followers. (c) 

Дура что-ли? (с)


What's wrong with you? (c) 

Дура что-ли? (с)


What's wrong with you? (c) 

You should dress sexier. (с)


Тебе бы одеваться посексуальнее. (c) 

Ничего ты в жизни не понимаешь. (с)


You have no idea about this life. (c) 

Размечталась! (с)


Right, dream on! (c) 

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