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Partizaning in Bishkek

Curator: Igor Ponosov

Producer: Aida Sulova

Organizer: Kachan Art Foundation

Designer: Parizat Ibraimova

Supported by: Soros Foundation

Summer 2016


Partizaning (v): public art practices which strategically challenge, shape, and reinvent urban and social realities. The goal of Partizaning is to reflect and promote the idea of art-based DIY activism aimed at rethinking, restructuring and improving urban environments and communities.


Partizaning in Bishkek is a week long program that includes exhibition, lectures, workshops, film screenings, city interventions. The program is designed to inspire the participants to initiate a discourse around a grassroots improvement of public facilities and engagement of civilians using various artistic practices.   

On Display

On Display, by Vladimir Turner, Prague. Issyk Kul, 2016


"On Display "- work by Vladimir Turner, artist from Prague, who came to Bishkek to participate in "Partizaning in Bishkek: Street Art as a Tool to Change the City." Vladimir collected trash from the shores of Issyk Kul Lake and placed in on an abandoned billboard to remind people on importance of nature preservation.

"Смекалка" (smekalka)

The Wa, Smekalka Project. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2016.

"смекалка" (smekalka) is a Russian term that represents a sort of clumsy D.I.Y culture. Pictures found on internet and copied in the street.

Food as a Catalyst for Social Interaction

Funcheza by Anton Make and a Dungan couple 

Free the Beast

Free the Beast, V. Turner, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2016

Liberating one of the bicycle stands from the irons and letting it ride the streets of Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan). Ready–made, object, performance, video, culture jamming. Bicycle stand unit, skateboard trucks and wheels, bolts. Assistant: Brad Downey. Thanks: Partizaning team (especially Igor Ponosov), Dima Petrovsky, Aida Sulova, The Wa, Timur Mamytov, Ololohaus. 

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