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Jewelry as storytelling:
my personal stories as a wearable art 

Wearable Package 

I have always been fascinated by the amount and variety of packaging I get every time I buy something. As an artist, I love staring at interesting things and think what object or an installation to create. I used packing materials to make I make jewelry.

Kyrgyz Toshoks


I like how taxi drivers in Kyrgyzstan domesticate their environment with Toshok, traditional handmade quilt mattress used in yurts and now apartments. Long and narrow patchwork pieces are made from bright and shiny textiles, and sometimes from craftswomen’s personal clothing. When I take a taxi in Bishkek, I feel like I’m entering someone’s apartment: the back seat with toshok feels like a sofa, and the front window is like a TV.

My Heart Demands Changes!


"Changes!"  is a  song by the Soviet rock band Kino, written by Viktor Tsoi. The song has since become a favourite for political movements in post-Soviet states and as a protest song

Wearable Constitution


Article 5 of Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic: The state and its authorities shall serve for the benefit of the entire society and not a certain part thereof. Article 10 of Constitution of KR: Censorship is not allowed in the Kyrgyz Republic. The mass media are free and shall carry out their activities in accordance with the law. Hand made wearable reminders made from polymer clay.

​( . ) ( . )  


The internet pixelates them more often than it tells you how to take care of them. Boob rings as a reminder to get your mammogram! 

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