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Exhibition Branding

Cook Story

cook story

Cook Story is a culinary studio for amateur cooks, corporate teams, kids, couples to learn, explore, and unleash their inner chef. Led by guest chefs, classes are offered for every level of cooking skill. Its mission is to bring people to the kitchen, empower them to cook and share stories. 

Bank of Asia


Bank of Asia Re-Branding was a challenging project on re-imagining the bank's visual identity, its mission, and goals. The Bank had a stability, but lacked a reputation of bold, innovative, client-oriented institution with a strong internal culture. This was caused by confusion about the Bank's identity and its mission. Together with the Board of Directors, we have refreshed the company's vision, mission, and visual corporate language.

Client: Bank of Asia

Concept Design: A. Sulova

Graphic Design: A. Lysogorov

Web Design: M. Ageev

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