Asanbay Art Center has been a multi-disciplinary space in Kyrgyzstan with an extensive innovative, educational, engaging content made locally and exposed internationally. The space featured its gallery, restaurant, bar, library, an event hall and is suitable for exhibitions as well as events across art, design, fashion and the performing arts.


Between 2016-2018, my role as a Founder and Creative Director was to conceptualize, manage the construction, procure the equipment and resources, branding, PR, programming, curating, sales and marketing. This was a very challenging project because it served as the prototype of the first alternative art space, which through its diverse programming, flexibility, openness, eagerness to experiment, enriched cultural life of communities of all ages.  


Asanbay Gallery presented a great number of art works of artists from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Germany, and Russia. The mission of the Gallery was to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art and educational programs.  


The Art Center organized not only exhibitions and educational programs, but also produced a number of cultural and entertaining events to offer enjoyment and encourage community building. Such events included: electronic music parties "resonance" (collaboration with R. Midic), concerts of local and international artists, theatrical performances, shows, movie screenings, festivals, pop up design fairs, and many more. 


The best way to build a strong community is to give people sense of ownership. I invited the talented photographer Danil Usmanov and filmmaker Chyngyz Sulumbekov to make a series of photos and videos of the construction site. I shared this material on social media platforms to keep the city curious. By the end of construction, people felt like they were part of the project. There was no need to spend much money for promoting the new space in the city. One post on Facebook would bring at least 300 people to the Center. An open dialogue through intense cultural program was the key in accomplishing the original mission of Asanbay Center.  

All we need is...

To inspire the construction team, we invited the student symphonic orchestra to give a concert. Some of the workers saw the live concert for the first time their life. Watch the video and get inspired too!   


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