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Hello! I am Aida Sulova. I live and work in New York, USA. I studied Digital Communications and Media at New York University.

My diverse background, growing up in both the Soviet Union and independent Kyrgyzstan, and later immigrating to the USA, provided me with a unique global perspective. This perspective allows me to navigate and appreciate different historical, political, and cultural nuances, making me well-equipped to create projects that resonate with diverse audiences.

In a world where people seek meaningful experiences and connections, my passion is producing community-centric concepts and art projects that genuinely touch the hearts and minds of my audience. 

I have a 14 yo son Azim with whom I create art projects. Most of my work relates to current social issues and is based on transformative power of art. Some of my projects include:

Asanbay Art Center in Kyrgyzstan, a cultural venue for the arts, education, and entertainment programs for communities to enrich their cultural life

News from Central Asia: An exhibition of Central Asian artists whose works reflect on political and social issues. 


Public Art Program for HMA2 Architects' American University of Central Asia that promoted public art opportunities for local artists encouraging community engagement and participation in the arts.​​


Dilyara Kaipova
Meder Akhmetov

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News from Central Asia Adel Duisheeva

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Kyrgyz artist and curator, Aida Sulova, developed Bishkek’s leading art centre: Asanbay: Link

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