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Born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, Aida Sulova lives and works in New York, USA. She is a graduate of New York University, where she studied Digital Communications and Media. Aida assisted HMA2 Architects in implementing the Public Art Program for the American University of Central Asia, which promotes various public art opportunities for local artists and art organizations encouraging community engagement and participation in the arts.

Aida is a founder of “Kachan" Art Foundation, which promotes the engagement of the arts in learning institutions and organizes cultural exchanges between Central Asia and the world. In 2017, Aida initiated the project Asanbay Art Center in Kyrgyzstan, a cultural venue for the arts, education, and entertainment programs for communities to enrich their cultural life.

Aida has a 14 yo son Azim with whom she collaborates on a number of art projects. Most of Aida's work relates to current social issues and is based on transformative power of art. "I love: “Mystery Train”, Chekhov, screw drivers, duct tape, and Kyrgyz tomatoes."


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