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Aida Sulova is a New York based multi-disciplinary Art Director and an Independent Curator from Kyrgyzstan. She develops community-focused, multimedia projects and programs designed to engender social change and inspire greater community involvement. 

Art Direction

Branding & Concepts

Creative Workshops

Curation & Exhibition Design

Public Art & Social Projects

Graphic Design & Photography

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Tales of NY

Art Projects made

with my son Azim

Projects I enjoyed working on: animating my son's short stories, making jewelry, launching social campaigns, and many more.  

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Curation is another type of medium and storytelling. It lets you spark a conversation, elevate voices, and create a tapestry of creative visions. 

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Art Direction

Artistic communication through images, symbols, meanings. I like working with passionate collaborators and experience creators. 

Social Projects



Community engagement through art and educational projects promotes equity, critical thinking, cultural enrichment and sense of ownership.

Public Art Program



Public Art Programs as a vehicle for community participation, space activation, social change. 

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